• Jasmin Norwood

Ethereal Heaven-on-Earth Editorial

2020 stuck it to us all. So hard. I personally worked my way through it by connecting with a solid community of artists, activists, seekers, dreamers, warriors, and wild hearts. I've met more incredible people in the last year than in the entire five years before.

...I've also aged five times as fast.

Making the most of last year's lemons, the events community (myself very much included) turned out a profusion of photogenic adventures in breathtaking locales. But this studio collab with my beloved Daryl at DAG Photography and sweet sweet Ashley at Alessarro Beauty was the one that brought me to tears. I think it was our response to all of the feelings of the last 365 days. Now is the time to lead with the heart, act with empathy, celebrate beauty, and practice radical self-love.

We need rest if we want restoration. We need to reclaim our personal peace if we wish to bring serenity to others. We need to fill our cup of self-esteem by committing acts we deem esteemable.

And we need to let go of what no longer serves.

While we were working Ashley said, "I set an intention not to work with anyone who doesn't treat other people with respect." Could any statement be simpler or more revolutionary?

Another friend told me that her boss asked her to "compartmentalize" her feelings about showing up to work... in education... during a pandemic... while Black. Her response? "Absolutely not."

Hail to all you queens.

As we worked through the concept for this shoot, there was- as always- endless talk about Fine Art influences, but there was also much catharsis. We traded many images of clouds and halos, but also those of women confronting crashing waves, swords, and thunder with an air of calm authority. We kept wanting to look to the sky in some way, but also stay rooted in where we are in this moment. I have no doubt this was a direct reflection of the times we're living in and the constant interplay between a visceral reality and our spiritual escapism.

We ultimately decided that "Earth Angel" was a being that all of us embody in some way. All of us are in between, so why not make heaven where we are? As Sir Thomas Moore once said, "Here bring your wounded hearts, here tell your anguish; Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal." Here's our little slice of heaven on earth. May it bring you peace.

Design, Floral & Decor: Idyllwild Event Design

Photographer: DAG Photography

Hair & Makeup: Ashley DiSarro

Model: Briannah Lindo