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What is event design?

When you walk into a party space that has been thoughtfully designed, a few things typically happen. Perhaps you are pleasantly overwhelmed by the colors, textures, pattern, and light that exist in the environment. Your eyes marvel at the linens, the china, the paperie... Your fingers dance over the back of the elegant seating, you are awed by the watercolor of floral artistry. You are impressed

Or perhaps you feel like you have simply walked into a room in your hosts' home. The space feels like that someone you know and love, the people you are there to celebrate. And what a lovely setting in which to do it! It feels natural and relaxed. You feel comfort.

The event designer has the glorious task of generating that mood in your guests. They translate the essence of you and your wishes for your guests into something they can see and feel. That is event design.


Do you do all the floral, the decor and the rental coordination yourselves?

Building your big picture out of small details is our specialty. We design entire events, from inspiration to execution. If your event is especially intricate, or if any of your needs are outside our area of expertise, we reach out to our extensive and super-talented vendor community and collaborate for the most personalized presentation we can possibly make within your budget.

Do you do planning and coordination?


We can help you plan and implement all the visual aspects of your event, from flowers to invitations to linens. But when it comes to the big day itself, we feel we can best serve you by teaming with coordination and planning vendors who are exclusively focused on logistics and timeline while we focus exclusively on making your event beautiful. While we love helping you create the stunning event you've been dreaming about, producing the floral and decor aspects alone takes an enormous amount of behind the scenes work. That said, there are a few coordinators with whom we have already worked and whom we truly love. Once you’ve booked with us, don’t be shy about asking for referrals!

My event is outside/in a loft/in a barn/in a raw space. Can you build a focal piece or structure to anchor my look?

Yes! In fact, please, please please ask us to build you your doughnut wall, giant hexagon backdrop, or hanging installation of clothespins. Whatever you've got in mind, just share it with us! We are in our element doing custom work. Our favorite part of designing your event is problem-solving with you!

Do you have a minimum required budget?


If you're concerned about budget minimums, try filling out our little form and dropping us a line. It's always better to know about how much you want to spend before booking your vendors. If we're not the right fit, we may just know someone who is! We can create quite a lot with smaller budgets, but as we're still a business, we have to maintain our brand aesthetic and turn a profit. We also charge enough to be able to create art. For this reason, we offer a few different tiers of services, so that you can do as much or as little of the design work as you like. We're happy to do the rest! Our premium and wedding services have a minimum of $5,000. Please keep in mind that because so much of what we do is custom, we'll want to chat with you on the phone about your needs before we provide a quote. 

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What types of services do you offer?


  • Custom Builds

It would be our absolute pleasure to build a custom backdrop or installation for your event. Drop us a line and we'll talk about your needs, budget, design, and logistics. We'll need to grab some specialized info in order to provide a quote for your project.

  • Full-service styling 

Reserved for clients with a minimum budget of $5,000, we charge a design fee (or artist's retainer) early on. This booking deposit reserves your event date and is non-refundable. Under the full-service agreement, you receive:

-an initial estimate based on your projected needs 

-access to our entire inventory of props and vessels

-two one-hour remote consultations at benchmark planning points with inspiration boards and detailed design plan included

-ongoing design advice on floral, decor., stationery, textiles and more

-access to all of our vendor resources, connections, and discounts

-a site visit if necessary, which we coordinate

-a trip to the flower market to see your floral options (subject to seasonal availability)

-set up of your event so you don't have to think about it 

-breakdown and load-out following your event

-a senior team member to personally oversee the setup of your event and collaborate with your logistical planner 

Most importantly, we maintain an open dialogue with you and your vendors throughout the planning phase.

  • Drop-off

We do a quick phone consultation to discuss needs and budget, we send you an initial estimate, and your pieces are waiting for you at your venue- No fuss, no muss. You then allow your venue or vendor team to set up your Idyllwild items. There's less design flexibility here, but you get to keep all of the floral arrangements. This is a great choice if you just want some quick and easy pieces.

  • Specialty Rentals

Drop-off clients still have access to some of our inventory but on a rental basis. This requires an additional breakdown fee. Because every event and venue is different, we would need to provide a custom quote for rentals and their associated breakdown fees. Sorry, at this time we do not rent one-off items. You'll need to book a styling package based on your design consultation.


Can I keep the floral arrangements after my event?

Drop-off clients have the price of their vessels built into their centerpieces, and may keep their arrangements. Full-service clients may choose to do the same, but usually prefer to go with the unique items in our inventory. Those will need to be returned (we take care of that during breakdown.)

Do we need to leave a deposit?

We do charge an artist's retainer up front for full-service clients. This books us for your date. In return, you receive all kinds of tools and advice to help shape your vision during the planning phase. When that's done, we draft a formal proposal and contract. All contracts, whether full-service or drop-off, require a 50% down payment at signing.


Can I use my own containers for the flowers?


Unfortunately there are too many variables and liabilities to make this feasible, so we have a firm policy against client-provided containers. But not to worry... if you're into our aesthetic, then we probably have access to just what you're looking for. We even do custom builds.


Can I give the floral arrangements to my guests?


Drop-off clients who do not have a breakdown included in their contract own their arrangements outright and are free to do with them whatever they would like!

Full service clients- who have access to our large permanent inventory- typically make use of unique items from our collection. These will need to be returned, as they are essentially being rented from us. However, it is possible for us to purchase containers for you that you will be able to keep, and in some cases this is a more affordable/convenient option than having a breakdown. If this option appeals to you, it will need to be discussed up front, so please don’t hesitate to ask about it.

Do you match prices?

No. Sorry!

...But why?

Because beauty is a not a commodity, but the skill required to create it is very valuable. Our work is worth the price. Idyllwild Event Design fills a specific niche in the event design community. Therefore we do not negotiate contracts based on comparison with other event design companies. We spend a great deal of time pricing our work so that it reflects our artistic sensibilities, covers our overhead, and allows us to appropriately compensate the artists with whom we work. We assert that our rates are very reasonable for the level of beauty we provide, and we would not want to cut corners in order to further lower our prices.

Can I just order one arrangement/rent one item?

Sorry, we are an event production company, which means we have a workshop and studio, but we don’t have a brick and mortar retail showroom or sell ready-made flowers and props. We're best suited to clients who already know their own budget and aesthetic, but need help bringing it to life. However we do know all of the wonderful local florists and prop rental places who provide single-serve products, so feel free to ask; we’re here to help.

Are you insured?


We are indeed insured. If your venue requires insurance certification, just let us know.

Do you collaborate with other businesses or vendors?


Absolutely. A rising tide lifts all ships, as they say. If you're a business who would like to outsource to us, please contact us directly. If you would like to collaborate on an editorial project, we would be thrilled to hear from you. It's one of our favorite things to do!

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